I want to thank @talkspace for making me a better person!

@stixrose305 - Oct 11, 2021

I am so glad that through my company, I get Talkspace for free through my provider. I am finally able to converse whenever I want with my therapist.

@dejayrd23 - Sep 24, 2021

Thank goodness for online therapy. It's so nice to be able to type out my thoughts on my own time and have my lovely therapist respond far more quickly than the time it would take to make a traditional appointment. I'm sure they're all good, but I really like @talkspace.

@Ali_Nabours - Sep 17, 2021

Bro TalkSpace is amazing. Wowwww

@KodykeRayyy - Sep 02, 2021

Recently took a step for myself, by myself that was an extremely difficult one. I picked @talkspace back up because sometimes no matter how strong we think we are we still need help. If you're struggling don't be afraid to take that step. You're worth it #EndTheStigma

@_alyssa_hope - Jun 04, 2021

@talkspace still working wonders for me. Learning so much about myself and can’t wait to keep learning! Making some significant changes in order to become the best version of myself 🙏

@TheRealMM10 - May 18, 2021

@talkspace is amazing if you don’t have health insurance for a therapist.

@blackroseent503 - Apr 19, 2021

Real talk @talkspace has been a game changer. #MentalHealth is important

@Educator_Hustle - Apr 07, 2021

Just a friendly reminder, therapy is for EVERYONE. I highly suggest it. @talkspace is a great resource. Don’t be afraid of it.

@_songbirdsarah - Mar 13, 2021

@talkspace is probably the best app ive ever downloaded. im on my phone all day, might as well spend time word vomiting to a therapist instead of twitter

@hardy_soup99 - Jan 05, 2021

I am so, so thankful for Talkspace right now.

@press5 - Oct 27, 2020

Honestly, I get the appeal of Talkspace bc the next therapy session really can never come soon enough

@RyanBaum - Oct 25, 2020

S/o to @talkspace for providing a platform where I can leave messages for my therapist at anytime.

@Mohandas1906 - Aug 30, 2020

Shoutout to my therapist via @Talkspace. The best money I’ve ever spent in a long time.

@2dOpetCw - Aug 23, 2020

Since in person therapy is unrealistic, I identified the attributes that I was looking for in a therapist & headed over to @talkspace. I’m only one day in & couldn’t be happier about my experience. If you’re having a tough time & have the means, give them a shot. #mentalhealth

@indrapendence - Jul 27, 2020

So I recently started using @talkspace for online therapy and I refuse to shut up about it. I can text my therapist whenever I want through the app, there are tons of stress relief/coping exercise on the app, AND ALL BLACK PEOPLE get a discount in support of #BLM. It’s like THAT!

@RheAnnIsTheBest - Jun 06, 2020

I'm just gonna give a big plug for therapy this morning.I really enjoying the value my @talkspace therapist provides.

I ❤️ that when I chose the therapist, I watched video introductions & then choose one I felt I would relate to most.#BreakTheStigma

@edcampOSjr - Jun 05, 2020

Thank god for talkspace therapy. Sending my therapist messages at 2 in the morning feels less weird when that's how most of your communication occurs.

@Kaylagator - May 29, 2020

My therapist is black and very easy to talk to. I like to journal, so Talkspace is more comfortable for me to express myself.

@lilscrilla_md - May 26, 2020

I use @talkspace and it’s changing my life. Ask me anything if you’re curious! #BreakTheStigma

@maddiejoan28 - May 19, 2020