Recently took a step for myself, by myself that was an extremely difficult one. I picked @talkspace back up because sometimes no matter how strong we think we are we still need help. If you're struggling don't be afraid to take that step. You're worth it #EndTheStigma

@_alyssa_hope - Jun 04, 2021

@talkspace still working wonders for me. Learning so much about myself and can’t wait to keep learning! Making some significant changes in order to become the best version of myself 🙏

@TheRealMM10 - May 18, 2021

@talkspace is amazing if you don’t have health insurance for a therapist.

@blackroseent503 - Apr 19, 2021

Real talk @talkspace has been a game changer. #MentalHealth is important

@Educator_Hustle - Apr 07, 2021

Just a friendly reminder, therapy is for EVERYONE. I highly suggest it. @talkspace is a great resource. Don’t be afraid of it.

@_songbirdsarah - Mar 13, 2021

@talkspace is probably the best app ive ever downloaded. im on my phone all day, might as well spend time word vomiting to a therapist instead of twitter

@hardy_soup99 - Jan 05, 2021

I am so, so thankful for Talkspace right now.

@press5 - Oct 27, 2020

Honestly, I get the appeal of Talkspace bc the next therapy session really can never come soon enough

@RyanBaum - Oct 25, 2020

S/o to @talkspace for providing a platform where I can leave messages for my therapist at anytime.

@Mohandas1906 - Aug 30, 2020

Shoutout to my therapist via @Talkspace. The best money I’ve ever spent in a long time.

@2dOpetCw - Aug 23, 2020

Since in person therapy is unrealistic, I identified the attributes that I was looking for in a therapist & headed over to @talkspace. I’m only one day in & couldn’t be happier about my experience. If you’re having a tough time & have the means, give them a shot. #mentalhealth

@indrapendence - Jul 27, 2020

So I recently started using @talkspace for online therapy and I refuse to shut up about it. I can text my therapist whenever I want through the app, there are tons of stress relief/coping exercise on the app, AND ALL BLACK PEOPLE get a discount in support of #BLM. It’s like THAT!

@RheAnnIsTheBest - Jun 06, 2020

I'm just gonna give a big plug for therapy this morning.I really enjoying the value my @talkspace therapist provides.

I ❤️ that when I chose the therapist, I watched video introductions & then choose one I felt I would relate to most.#BreakTheStigma

@edcampOSjr - Jun 05, 2020

Thank god for talkspace therapy. Sending my therapist messages at 2 in the morning feels less weird when that's how most of your communication occurs.

@Kaylagator - May 29, 2020

My therapist is black and very easy to talk to. I like to journal, so Talkspace is more comfortable for me to express myself.

@lilscrilla_md - May 26, 2020

I use @talkspace and it’s changing my life. Ask me anything if you’re curious! #BreakTheStigma

@maddiejoan28 - May 19, 2020

Two weeks ago, I personally started working with a Talkspace therapist for the 1st time.

For years I’ve travelled the country talking about relationships of influence, but I’ve used that travel as an excuse not to seek the support I know I need.

This pause gave me time to act.

@hughwebber - May 04, 2020

@talkspace I just want to say thank you 🙏🏽

@TheRealMM10 - Apr 20, 2020

S/O to @talkspace love when my therapist is like “Hey Gurl Hey just checking on you!” 💜

@CheyaThousand - Mar 17, 2020

I like Talkspace. It’s nice to be able to say what I need to, and have somebody check in with me daily giving me feedback. It makes me feel more grounded and determined to do things.

@HeyNae__ - Mar 04, 2020